August Bad Month for Writing

Writers Tools

August is a very bad month to try and maintain a writing schedule. It is so hot and humid it is very hard to get motivated. Added to that a lot of people are taking their vacations and/or getting ready to send their kids off to school. Of course, this year the weather has been a major factor here in Florida as well as elsewhere in the U.S. with no rain in some areas, typhoons in the Pacific and torrential rains in other parts. So if you are having a bit of trouble keeping to your normal writing schedule then why not just give it a rest for a few weeks.

Everyone needs to recharge their batteries by hitting the waves, jumping into a cool spring, having a picnic with family and friends or camping out in a remote area. Getting out into nature helps our bodies reset their biological clocks, relieves our stress and might just give you some new storylines to pursue. Also, giving your kids, if you have them, some of your undivided attention while they are out of school will help you to get them to honor your writing schedule when they return to school in the fall. If you don’t have kids or grand-kids to spend time with during the summer months you can always go out with friends, volunteer for a good cause, or just laze around the pool for a while. Just remember that all of your daily experiences are fodder for your writing.

You may also want to clear your head by reading a book or two by one of your favorite authors. It can be helpful to read something else rather than your own writing to get a fresh perspective on your own writing. And, reading how different authors approach their writing can help you figure out how to do some of your own. Pay particular attention to their use of words to describe persons, places, and things. We could all use a little help in that area. Also, see how they progress through their storyline. Write notes to yourself while you are reading about things that you particularly thought worked really well as well as those you thought could really use more polish. You don’t want to copy their work just get an idea how they handle their scenes, their storylines and how they progressed from an attention-grabbing beginning to a surprised and satisfying ending.

Until next time……..