New Year Writing Goals

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It’s a new year and it is the time we sharpen our writing tools, learn about new ways of writing, create a writing calendar or just resolve to finish research our writing topic and get to the business of actually writing about something. The toughest thing for a writer to do sometimes is the actual sitting down and writing or typing as the case may be. You have to just start typing on a blank page to get your mind in gear to make it happen. I know I would rather spend hours researching, gathering facts, pictures, website links, etc. than sitting down at my laptop and collating all this into a workable outline where I can actually type in the words to make sentences, to create paragraphs, then chapters and finally a finished work.

To that end now that the holidays are over I have committed myself to stop researching, or at least not as much, create a working writing calendar so that I can accomplish something this year. Last year I was focused on getting our handcraft business converted over to its own website so that we could cut down on some of the fees being charged by the online store chains. I got that done, finally, but I still have a bag filled with new items that we need to complete, photograph, type of descriptions and post online for sale. I would like to get that done before spring, at least.

So, now I have decided that a printed out calendar with a writing schedule might be the way to organize my day and actually get all those blog posts done, complete my second book for publication and start on the third one I have already done research for. It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that I have let normal, everyday things get in the way. So, my fellow writers out there I hope you are having a more productive beginning to your new year and will have great things to post about next month!.