Helping New Authors

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Since, we have over 20 years experience with computers and websites we can help the new authors out with building them a website, writing articles about how to build your own webpage on some of the few remaining FREE web hosting places and even offer services to format their books into the most popular formats for self-publication. Yes, you can absolutely follow the instructions on Amazon and Smashwords to do all of these things yourself. But why should you when someone is willing to help you get it down for a small fee. (Keep checking our website for details)

Being a writer you really should have at least one website. Whether you are just starting out or have published a number of books already you really need a website and at least a couple of social media pages. These are essential to marketing in today’s world. More and more people will try to find you online first before they go find your books in the bookstore or library. Even our local libraries are going digital with their own websites, being able to place holds on books, linking to local authors pages and, of course, buying more eBooks for their customers to check out. Even the smaller rural libraries are jumping on the eBook bandwagon. Once a reader has read one of your books they will more than likely try and find you online somewhere.

Readers like to communicate with their favorite writers. Some just want to read about what the writers are working on, some want to see pictures of the writer and still, some others would like to have a place they can visit that will list where you may be in the future so they can come and meet you. Having a website that you regularly post to would be an essential element in your marketing strategy. We suggest that you get a WordPress website or something similar to the social media plug-ins so that when you post to your website all of your social media pages will get updated as well. For instance, we have our Twitter page, Facebook page, and GooglePlus pages attached to our posting page on our website. Every month we try to post a new article on the website and that is sent directly to these social media pages. Being consistent in your posts is really the key to gaining new followers.

As to the social media pages, you could schedule to visit them every evening or every morning to post a separate blurb from your book, what story you are working on today, pictures from your research or even pictures from your book tours. As well as little reminders of where you will be promoting your books. Remember Twitter only has 140 characters in their posts that will include the picture, link address, words and the hashtags. Facebook and GooglePlus have more room for posts but people like pictures to be included or even a link to a video you posted to YouTube. And don’t forget your hashtags in your posts.

From Wikipedia
A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.

We will talk more about social media and hashtagging on our Webs and Blogs For Writers Website.

Till next time……keep on writing…….