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When thinking about your own marketing for your published books you might want to consider writing reviews on some of your favorite author’s pages on Amazon, GoodReads, Library Thing, or whichever online bookstore you might use to purchase your favorite reading material. Each is free to join and fairly easy to use. Amazon will send […]

Are You A NE Florida Writer

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Are you a Northeast Florida Writer? Would you like to get some free publicity? We are asking that all the NE Florida Writers send us their information so that we can share it with local libraries, public schools, and local bookstores. We are in the process of creating a booklet of all the writers and […]

Finding Time to Write

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Finding time to write may be one of the hardest things new writers may encounter. There are so many things in our lives that may interfere when we try to write from having to go to our regular jobs to family and friends needing our attention. Making time or scheduling regular writing times will help […]

Helping New Authors

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Since, we have over 20 years experience with computers and websites we can help the new authors out with building them a website, writing articles about how to build your own webpage on some of the few remaining FREE web hosting places and even offer services to format their books into the most popular formats […]

August Bad Month for Writing

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August is a very bad month to try and maintain a writing schedule. It is so hot and humid it is very hard to get motivated. Added to that a lot of people are taking their vacations and/or getting ready to send their kids off to school. Of course, this year the weather has been […]

RAM Local Author Expo Review

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The Riverside Arts Market’s Local Author Expo is now complete and here are some of the results. We arrived by 8:00 for the set-up like we planned after spending the night with a friend who also agreed to help us get set up in the morning because my oldest daughter injured her foot at work […]