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In support of our fellow Northeast Florida Writers we like to feature a published author of lives and/or has grown up in the North Florida area. Alachua county can be considered part of that region as a lot of our kids go to the University of Florida in Gainesville. Our featured author is month is William “Bill” Hatfield who currently resides in Gainesville but works for Barnes and Noble at Santa Fe College. Most of us writers hold down a day job to help support our nasty habit of needing to eat and pay the rent until our writing takes us to the top or at least pay our bills. And working in a bookstore could prove to be quite beneficial once his books are published as far as marketing goes. Could be some great opportunities there.

Mr. Hatfield has a Facebook author page that he admits he doesn’t visit as often as he should but has a personal Facebook page that he doesn’t mind accepting Friend requests and posts to more often. He has filled out his Amazon Author profile and posts picture updates every so often. The last two paragraphs are quite revealing:

Rumor has it that on the convention circuit, no piano is safe from his inclination to cause spontaneous piano bar singalongs.

Whether writing science fiction action/adventure, or humorous LGBTQ/mystery based in Key West, he relishes the opportunity to create interesting and challenging characters that never cease to amuse and surprise him with their inherent independence.

He doesn’t have a writer’s webpage yet but hopes to create one in the future when he has the time and the patience to create one. Of course, should his books begin selling a lot he could always hire someone to do it for him. He has experience with having his books published but not a very good one and now self-publishes his stories. He also attends a lot of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conventions to market his stories. Which is a real natural for any of the Science Fiction/Fantasy writers out there. Some of the fees might be a little stiff but with the right attitude, enough good marketing materials, a credit card swipe device and several paperback copies of your books you might just sell some books or at least get more readers interesting in trying your books in the future. Go wild and dress up as one of your characters. We hope you will take the time to check both of his Facebook pages to see where he will be in the future.

Below is the information we gathered from the Amazon website and the author sent us the description of the books that he uses in his marketing materials at the conventions:

William “Bill” Hatfield (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/LGBTQ-Mystery)
Currently resides in Gainesville, Florida
Facebook Page:

Key Notes – 2012

The wedding reception from hell, labor issues, an imperfect storm, a day in the life of your not so average college student, the sense of being alone against the world and being right, and more.

Journey through strange musings and the occasional abusing of reality that make their home in the author’s mind. Key Notes is a collection of unrelated short stories shaken loose from his psyche and carefully put into words.

Fists of Earth is action/adventure science fiction, a fast-moving first contact with aliens series, ripe with expanding culture clashes. When American-owned cruise ship Jade Viking sets sail from Osaka to San Francisco, corporate lawyer Kimberly Martin is charged with a smooth transition at the end of the trip to Japanese ownership. Famous martial arts-movie star Jim Morris and his cast and crew are aboard, both as a publicity stunt, and to film the final scenes to his next blockbuster movie. A blooming romantic interest between them is a struggle between Wall Street and Hollywood lifestyles and values.

The half American, half Japanese crew offer an even greater culture clash that certain representatives of Sukuru, the Japanese consortium buying Jade Viking, aggravate even further. When Jade Viking is hijacked, complete with all contents, including the thirty-five hundred Humans on board, by an alien ship, calling the situation a culture clash is hopelessly inadequate.

Captive Audience (Fists of Earth – Book 1) 2011 originally published 2004

Captive Audience is the story of this hijacking and the rebellion against the aliens by Jim Morris and most of the Humans.

Duel Roles (Fists of Earth – Book 2) 2010

Duel Roles is the story of dealing with their momentary success, deciding whether to all flee back to Earth and hope for the best, to make a stand in deep space, in an attempt to protect Earth and Humanity, or a combination of the two. The universe is full of different races, and there are deals to be made, alliances to pursue. Jim and Kimberly both contribute to the effort, each in their own way, and utilizing their own unique skills.

Tough Crowd (Fists of Earth – Book 3) 2015

Tough Crowd continues the efforts begun in Duel Roles, and culminates with the arrival at Earth, of multiple alien fleets, all with their own goals and agendas. Humanity will be stretched to find a way to keep their sovereignty, independence, even the survival of the Human Race, intact.

TNT, a humorous LGBTQ/mystery series centers around three newcomers to tourist trap Key West.

Menu for Murder (TNT Book 1) – 2012

In Menu for Murder, Tess and Tuesday, move to Key West on a whim and short notice, with little or no planning or resources, to live openly as a couple, so as not to have to deal with friend and family issues. It is a tough life getting by, and even worse in the slow season. Their lives are changed, and challenged, by the arrival of another newcomer, talented musician Nathan, and a murder in their community.

Nathan is immediately smitten with both girls, but they are firm in their love for each other, even as they come to terms with the fact that they aren’t just two girls in love, they’re gay. Nathan finds that no matter how talented you are if you move to a tourist trap area, you aren’t just going to waltz into any and every bar and get an opportunity to audition.

Tess, Nathan, and Tuesday find themselves in the unenviable position of being possible suspects in the murder, even as they seem targeted to be the next probable victims. A chase scene across Key West, with shots fired, culminates at their favorite watering hole.

Blown Choices (TNT Book 2) – 2016

Blown Choices will lead Tess, Nathan, and Tuesday through a series of decisions during a hurricane season on steroids. Should they stay and hunker down, or flee to Miami area? The very title of the book is a testimony to the quality of their decision making, almost on a weekly basis. You would think surviving a category four hurricane would be tough enough, but throw in a serial killer with a trail of bodies stretching from Seattle to the Keys, and it will be a Labor Day weekend to never forget. If they survive it.

Bare Soles (TNT Book 3) – 2017

Bare Soles leads Nathan and the girls to an all-inclusive, very exclusive resort in Mexico, deep in cartel country. Nathan scores a week-long gig at Playa Perdida and Tess and Tuesday come along as roadies to take advantage of a unique opportunity to work on their perfect tans. With all the rich, powerful and famous guests at the resort, known for its discretion and pampering, as well as the five-star cuisine, in an area world-renowned for kidnapping, what could go wrong?

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