Privacy Policy

We here at Jolene’s eBooks and More respects the privacy of all of our customers. All of the registered customers to the store must give their email addresses in order to subscribe and to make comments. We will not give away, sell or otherwise make our subscriber’s email addresses available to anyone else. We do encourage our subscribers to chose an alias when they sign-up.

For those not familiar with WordPress websites and the subscribing process you will click on the subscribe button and be taken to the WordPress website. They will keep your user ID and password secure at their site. They also will be the ones to give you a new password should you lose it. We do have the ability to change each subscribers password if necessary, however, our process is not automated and you will have to wait for us to respond. So use their process it is a little faster.

We have noticed a disturbing trend with some of our other websites and the Guestbook Page. There is a lot of spamming going on as this page does not require you to be a subscriber and only has one security feature that makes you type in a security code or message before posting. We have deleted the Guestbook because of the potential for security risks.

This is an online store and we sell our own goods as well as advertise others through Google Ads on the sidebars and in some of the posts or pages. The income from these sources helps keep this website up and running. If you click on any of these just know that we are not attempting to deceive you in any way and most of them we have no control over. They are there simply to allow us to keep the website up for all the readers and subscribers.

We have only one legitimate email address and that is jolene dot macfadden at jolenesbooksandmore dot com. If you receive an email from anyone other than that email it is probably a spammer and you can blacklist that email address. Please don’t blacklist our domain as you will not receive any updates from our website. We have instituted a new subscriber policy. Anyone can subscribe to the blog as a subscriber-only. All comments must be approved prior to posting and we are now using Captcha Anti-spam imaging requirements before logging in, commenting and new subscribers. We also will be deleting any subscriber accounts that have not posted in the last 60 days. If you have subscribed to our blog in the past but haven’t posted any comments you will need to re-register as a subscriber to make comments in the future. We would prefer that you use our “Subscribe to our Newsletter” Widget if you would just like to be notified of any new posts. Or you can also subscribe using your own RSS Readers and our “Feedburner” feed.

Again, we would like to emphasize that this is a family website and all comments must be rated “G” and please keep on-topic. Should you have any questions or problems with any of our items we hope you will use the Contact Form before leaving negative feedback. We would like a chance to correct any problems before they become bigger ones.