There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different tools, software, websites, videos, eBooks, and more available to the writer today to help him/her write a great story, get publish or self publish, to market their work and to keep readers coming back for more. For us, we consider any helpers for writers that is available online through purchasing, viewing, sharing, etc., over the internet to be an online tool.

Today’s writers no longer has to travel to distance lands to experience a place they want to write about. Of course, being there, for me, would be really great but with all the civil unrest around the world, natural and unnatural disasters sometimes its best to just experience these places through movies, webcams, video chatting and sharing pictures on Pinterest and other social media. No, you will not be able to feel or smell the air or eat the food but with today’s technology and virtual reality glasses you can almost feel like you are.

Check out this Australian company that creates virtual tours for companies. To see some of the examples of what they have already created click on this link:

Then you can just use your favorite search engine to find out if the place you want to visit already has one made.

Of course, there are lots of videos on YouTube that you can watch. Check out this informative on for mystery writers:

There are videos by other published writers on how they write, what inspired them, some of the tools they use as well as telling the viewing public about their latest book. There even writing classes available for free viewing on YouTube and some on iTunes University as well. iTunes does require that you sign up for an account with them and download their software.

Another online tool you might want to sign up for is Grammarly. This is a free online source for helping us authors to keep our muse grammatically correct. Yes, they have a paid version but start off with the free one to see how you like it. It acts like tool within your browser or a plug-in for MS-Office.

Till next time