Writer Services

We here at Jolene’s eBooks and Craft items would like to help our local struggling writers to get published, garner some publicity and even create them a website. If you have a book ready for publication but have been turned down by the traditional publishers we hope you will give us a try. We can take your story, create an Acrobat Reader file and sell it as a downloadable eBook on our website, for a small percentage of sales, and we will write an article about your work on one of our websites, post a message on our Facebook Page, post an article on our GooglePlus page and Tweet about it our on Twitter Account. For more information on that, you can download our New Writers Services Brochure and the eBook Publishing Contract below. Contact Us with any further questions you might have.

Here are some brochures, forms, and links we created that you might want to download and review:

New Writers Services Brochure

eBook Publishing Contract

Calling All NE Florida Writers Flyer

Writers Get Your Own Website or Blog Brochure

For a limited time and for a limited number of authors we can create you a website/blog on our servers if you assign us publishing rights for your eBooks. We do all the web designing, set up your initial pages and post your first blog. All you have to do is Create a Facebook Page, Sign onto Twitter and send us that information and we can get your blog posts to automatically post to these two sites for you when you post updates to your websites. You will be able to add pictures, link to videos, add new informational pages and change anything as often as you like. We will do all the maintenance on the website by keeping it’s software components updated, keying in search terms for SEO Compliance, and ensuring that your site is sent to all the major search engines at least once a month or more if you post to your website more often. We will do this for the first 90 writers that agree to allow our website to publish your eBook for sale for a minimum of 1 year and for 5% of sales revenue. We currently only charge 3% administrative fees for all new authors who are using our publishing services but have their own website/blogs.

It is a great deal for new writers who are not familiar with creating their own websites nor have the time to keep them updated, SEO Compliant and submit them to search engines. And we only make money if you make money. It’s a Win-Win situation. We look forward to hearing from you. Just Go To the Contact Us Page with your questions, suggestions and if you want to sign-up!

Please go to our Webs and Blogs for Writers Website to Sign Up for a website and/or blog of your very own!