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When thinking about your own marketing for your published books you might want to consider writing reviews on some of your favorite author’s pages on Amazon, GoodReads, Library Thing, or whichever online bookstore you might use to purchase your favorite reading material. Each is free to join and fairly easy to use. Amazon will send you an email to remind you to write a review a few days after your purchase. GoodReads allows you to import your Amazon book purchases directly into your book section. Of course, you can erase whichever ones you don’t want to list. We haven’t been using the Library Thing very much so we are still figuring it out. We recommend that you join a couple of them. Not only do you want to include the books you have published but some of your favorite authors as well. Also, every time you finish a reading a book you might want to take a few minutes, sign onto your accounts and write a little review so you won’t forget the details.

Slowly you will get a following from other avid readers who may eventually want to try reading your books as well. Helping your fellow writers out with reviews helps them in the rankings, increases their eventual sales and hopefully, some of them will reciprocate and start writing reviews for you. Yes, I know you are saying to yourself, “This will take away from my writing time!” But you have to start somewhere and scheduling some time each week to write a couple of book reviews will pay off in the long run. If you don’t want to join any of these groups but would like to try writing a couple of book reviews for one of our websites, then by all means use our CONTACT US form and we will post them as we receive them. Of course, we will email you the web address for your review when it is posted.