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LibraryOfBooks2What’s Happening This Week? We have added our very own Acrobat Reader PDF version of our recently published eBook called the Insider’s Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks. Since we sell eBooks we thought we would offer a slightly different version here than we have published on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. These two self-publishing companies are great for fiction writers but not so much for non-fiction writers. Non-Fiction books should have an index of terms and appendix pages available for their readers. This is as close to a paperback or hardback copy of our book as you can get. Granted, you are able to search for keywords within the eBook versions of our book on both sites but for those of us who like to look through indexes in books to find stuff and really appreciated accompanying material in our non-fiction books then Acrobat Reader PDFs are the way to go.

There are some limitations to creating these types of books as well. You have to create them in sections when you type them in Microsoft Word. I haven’t quite got that all figured out but I wanted to generate an automated Table of Contents as well as the Index. Word does this very well and allows you to put actual page numbers on each. However, when you “Save As” an Acrobat Reader PDF file you need to have the front matter, appendix pages, book cover and inside material in separate files to be combined together using Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro Versions later. I used Acrobat to Generate the actual page numbers on the pages but Microsoft Word marks the items on the Table of Contents and Index page numbers using their own tools. To get them to line up you have to separate the content out into different files. This may sound too confusing and I will write an article about putting together your non-fiction eBook in more detail on our Webs and Blogs For Writers website next month.

In the mean time we wanted to tell you about our finished product, how it is different from the other versions available online and why we charge just a little bit more for this version. For instance, we have added an index to the back of the book with keywords marked within the document including the names of the parks, cities, and job titles. Also, we included excerpts from the Florida State Park Volunteer Handbook, the Florida Wildlife Management Volunteer Handbook, application examples from the State of Florida, National Natural Resource Agencies and two of the Florida county camping park applications. These items make this version of our eBook about 350 pages long and looks very nice on your computer. You can print pages from the book if you like and the index allows you to quickly find the different parks and cities of interests within the book fairly quickly. So, for these extra features we are selling the book for $11.00 on our site whereas the other version are currently $9.95


If you would rather purchase our eBook from one of the major retailers we have included the links to them below:

Smashwords has distributed our eBook to several major retailers

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/insiders-guide-to-campground-hosting-in-florida-parks-jolene-macfadden/1120452315?ean=2940046208726

Apple iTunes iBook Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/insiders-guide-to-campground/id925249588?mt=11

Kobo Bookstore: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/insider-s-guide-to-campground-hosting-in-florida-parks

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The also have submitted our eBook to a couple of Public Library buying houses. If you go to your local library and they offer eBooks for their customers to check out online you can request that they buy a copy or two of our eBook for their patrons.

Links below are to our original eBook published pages on Amazon and Smashwords


On SmashwordsInsiders Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks on Smashwords

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Single mother, retired from a normal job and traveling around the State of Florida in an old RV, my mother and youngest teenage daughter visiting all the Florida State Parks, taking pictures, writing reviews and created beaded jewelry to sell along the way.