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Sell Online Not at Flea Markets
Sell Online Not at Flea Markets
Recently we added a page to our website about Other Craft Items For Sale. We were inspired to create a page for a Quilter named Suzanne who contacted us via email about selling her quilts on our online store. We thought that was a terrific idea. Creating your handcrafted items is really hard work, we know because we do that too, and selling them is even harder.

Or, you can pay to have your own website created like we offer on our Webs and Blogs for Writers and Small Businesses website and that will give you complete control on what you add, how it looks, how many you add and how you get paid for your items. But that costs a lot of money and takes a tremendous amount of your time. I mean we would be happy to create you a website with your own domain name, in the colors of your choice and the layout that you wish but you would have to add the items yourself, link it to your Paypal account, etc. Those types of things would be yours or the person you designate to do them. Otherwise, you are talking at least $2000 or more to do everything for you.

Or, you can also go to an online shop such as Handmade Artists or Etsy and create your on store front, post your items, description, pictures and pay their fees. This is a less expensive solution and might be worth it if you can afford the fees. Yes, you will have to add your own items, come up with your store policies, shipping prices, upload your pictures, etc. Handmade Artists only charges $5 per month or $50 per year to host your items for sale. They do not charge for listing fees, sellers fees or buyers fees. But every item has to be handmade by you or a member of your team. Etsy, on the other hand, is more liberal in the types of items you can sell, charges $0.20 per item to list as well as another $0.20 per item to relist every 4 months, then charges transaction fees based on sales amounts.

No matter which way you go you will have to learn about social media and how sharing your listings on these websites can increase your exposure and potentially gain you buyers. But, if you only have an item or two made or haven’t decided how you want to proceed in your handcrafting business we can offer you one FREE listing on one of our websites. We will create a page for you and your handcrafted item that will be available to anyone you give the address to. We will share your page with our own social media accounts and you will be able to post a link to this page to all of yours as well as send emails to your friends and family. You will need a Paypal account to list an item to that any payments from buyers will go directly to you. We will never have access to your Paypal account details, your banking or credit card information. We will not have access to the buyers payment information either. You will be responsible for mailing the product once is paid for and then emailing us to let us know that it is sold.

For more information about our OtherCrafts For Salepage for more details!

Author: Jolene MacFadden

Single mother, retired from a normal job and traveling around the State of Florida in an old RV, my mother and youngest teenage daughter visiting all the Florida State Parks, taking pictures, writing reviews and created beaded jewelry to sell along the way.