Recycled Crafts

Bottlecaps I have collected last yearRecycled Crafts are those items that you create using materials that would have been thrown away anyway. Personally, I like collecting bottlecaps and using them to create jewelry. You can also use them to create wind chimes, pictures and much more. If you have a PInterest account you will see a wide variety of items being created using recycled bottlecaps. For those who don’t want to use items that they have found on the ground or rescued from the trash there are several companies online that offer freshly manufactured bottlecaps to use. Granted, collected bottlecaps from the ground or trash may seem a little gross but you are helping clean up the environment and eventually they may become part of some great art project. Use you imagination!
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Work versus Creative Endeavors

Work Versus Creative Endeavors. Can you find a happy medium between the two? Finding time to be creative is getting harder and harder. What with our obligations to our current State Park as Volunteer Residential Hosts, the many websites that we have that we have to maintain and write articles as well as finding time to add our products to our websites to get them sold. We all find that work will take us away from spending time doing the things that we love that may not actually make money, pay bills or keep our family happy. As you can probably tell with our blog postings being so sporadic and the amount of items for sale on this website; we have been working on re-inputting the handcrafted items we have already created versus creating new stuff. But we are slowly getting caught up. Patience and Persistence are what we, and you, should do to get the things we need to get done in order to create time for doing the things we want to do.
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