Want to Sell Your Crafts

Sell Online Not at Flea Markets
Sell Online Not at Flea Markets
Recently we added a page to our website about Other Craft Items For Sale. We were inspired to create a page for a Quilter named Suzanne who contacted us via email about selling her quilts on our online store. We thought that was a terrific idea. Creating your handcrafted items is really hard work, we know because we do that too, and selling them is even harder.
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Seeking Other Venues

JewelrySets (7)Seeking other venues to help promote your site is helpful in these fast-paced times. Having your products on commercial websites such as Etsy.com and Ebay is a great way to advertise your own website and what you can offer the buying public. The best thing about having your own website is that, You Make The Rules, and can sell anything on it you wish. The downside to your own website is that you have to promote, publish and push your wares and pay for that promotion is a variety of places. Yes, this is just as much work as creating your items that you want to sell, no matter what they might be. Just as writers need to promote their books in local bookstores, online bookstores and attending book fairs; crafts persons must promote themselves and their work too.
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