Seeking Other Venues

JewelrySets (7)Seeking other venues to help promote your site is helpful in these fast-paced times. Having your products on commercial websites such as and Ebay is a great way to advertise your own website and what you can offer the buying public. The best thing about having your own website is that, You Make The Rules, and can sell anything on it you wish. The downside to your own website is that you have to promote, publish and push your wares and pay for that promotion is a variety of places. Yes, this is just as much work as creating your items that you want to sell, no matter what they might be. Just as writers need to promote their books in local bookstores, online bookstores and attending book fairs; crafts persons must promote themselves and their work too.

We have tried various online stores and venues to promote our work because most of them already have some of the promotional tools available and payment structures in place as well as a large buying public. Ebay’s charges are somewhat prohibitive for a lot of new-comers and there is now just too much competition. is also a great place for handmade artists to get their wares in front of the buying public and has a vast information database for sellers. Again, their prices can be somewhat prohibitive for the new sellers out there when you add up the $.20 per item to post every 4 months, the seller’s percentage on each sale that they take and they want you to “Pay-per-Click” to promote your items over others. But they do offer an excellent promotional script of your items that you can add to any website page, posts and your Facebook Page. They process payments through your PAYPAL or directly into your checking account.

We tried for a year but they closed down their site. They were okay in that you weren’t charged for listing anything but you did have to relist your items every 30 days. They took their percentage on sales only and processed payments through PAYPAL or directly into your checking account. And had a Facebook app to share your items for sale on your Facebook page.

We also, tried No listing fees, strictly social promoting of your friends, family and followers on your own social media accounts and they took a percentage of sales. They did not have any tools for the sellers to share their items anywhwere else. Now, they too have closed down their selling site and have become a strictly mobile swapping app. You can give away your items to friends and family.

Now we are trying another site called Handmade Artists Shops. They charge a flat fee of $5 per month period. You pay them either $5 per month or $50 per year and you can list as many of your handcrafted items as you wish and they DO NOT take a percentage of sales. The payment processing is through PAYPAL only. They automatically post your items to Google Products, and other search engines, and promote their artists through their blog and forums. You still have to share your items on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. social media sites and they are very strict about only allowing handmade items and supplies. But then again, the buying public does come to their site to buy handcrafted items specifically. We hope you will check out our online shop often as it will take a little while to repost all of our items from Copius to the new store:

Author: Jolene MacFadden

Single mother, retired from a normal job and traveling around the State of Florida in an old RV, my mother and youngest teenage daughter visiting all the Florida State Parks, taking pictures, writing reviews and created beaded jewelry to sell along the way.