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Bottlecaps I have collected last yearRecycled Crafts are those items that you create using materials that would have been thrown away anyway. Personally, I like collecting bottlecaps and using them to create jewelry. You can also use them to create wind chimes, pictures and much more. If you have a PInterest account you will see a wide variety of items being created using recycled bottlecaps. For those who don’t want to use items that they have found on the ground or rescued from the trash there are several companies online that offer freshly manufactured bottlecaps to use. Granted, collected bottlecaps from the ground or trash may seem a little gross but you are helping clean up the environment and eventually they may become part of some great art project. Use you imagination!

You will have to wash and dry them very well and the ones with rust already on them you will have to use for something other than jewelry but they all will add character to any item you choose to create. If nothing else you can punch holes in them, knot them onto fishing line and hang them from a nail on your porch. Get enough of these lines close together then when the wind blows they will clink together. I like the idea of taking an old clothes hanging, forming a circle, tie the strings of bottlecaps to it and hanging that on your porch. You can also use an old embroidery frame, large washers, the top half of a soda bottle or just about anything. This would be a great project to do with your children or grandchildren. Let your imagination FLY!

I am just learning how to use bottlecaps in my jewelry making business and have only done some simple things like earrings and necklaces. I purchased some vintage bottlecaps from BottleCapCo online and put together a few things. Hopefully I will be able to do more with these and the recycled ones in the future. Take a look at some of them we have posted for sale:

Our Bottlecap Earrings

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