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While doing research to add more names of published authors who live in the Northeast Florida area I came across the name LaVenia Boswell on the SFF Jax writers group leader’s the last file added to their Facebook file section. It is in Powerpoint format and lists the upcoming meeting, what the group’s projects outstanding are, and the current members of the group. He color-codes the names with published authors in a separate color. While researching those names I only found a couple that I could add to our Northeast Florida Listing pages. One of those was Ms. Boswell.

Sadly, Ms. Boswell passed away in 2016 but was still listed as a member of the group. Her website and social media pages are still active as her family hasn’t taken them down yet. So before they do we thought we would write up an article on her for our fellow readers. You can still get her books on Amazon and 2 of her stories are available at the Jacksonville Public Library (My Alien Love and Mystic Happening).

Here is an excerpt from her obituary in the Florida Times-Union:

BOSWELL Lavenia Rose Boswell, 67, passed away Thursday, September 8, 2016. She was born April 15, 1949, in Waycross, GA to the late Guy & Thelma Waldron Thrift. Lavenia had lived most of her life in Jacksonville, was a credited published author of 12 books that were sold internationally and was a registered nurse. She was also an artist, a real estate broker for Dan Boswell & Associates and will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

We also found some great quotes about her writing and writing style on her website from her:


I began writing novels to flesh out really unique characters and write about situations many have never considered. My topics and style are classicly known as “different” and tend to shock some while mesmerizing others. I share character details and situations that may irritate or make some persons feel uncomfortable. Sorry, that’s just how I write. I tell a story – my way. I make no apologies.

You will not find any dangling climaxes in my novels. I enjoy reading and writing a good ending.

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, a short hop to the Atlantic Ocean, with my dazzling Star Man and a couple of four-legged “babies” who fill my day with laughter and love keeps me relatively sane – almost.

I detest blatant vulgarity and most four-letter words, so I usually refrain from their use.

True friends, music, laughter, love, my religious faith, and good humor keep me happy and fills my heart with joy.

To make someone smile, give a little hope in their own lives and a few hours of reading pleasure is my goal. I simply hope I can accomplish that for you.

Sounds like a really great person to me and I am sorry I never got a chance to meet her. Below is a listing of the books she has published and currently available still on Amazon. There is a reference on her Facebook page to a couple more but those exact titles were never published. Perhaps she changed her mind and renamed them to something else. Although Ms. Boswell was born in Georgia she attended both Paxon and Ribault High Schools, went to college at Florida Community College Jacksonville and wored and lived out her life in Jacksonville, Florida.

Zen To His Zang! Feb 2011
THE DAWNING (The Dawning Trilogy Book 1)– Feb 2011
Light Of Day (The Dawning Trilogy Book 2) – Feb 2011
Evening Star (The Dawning Trilogy Book 3) (The Dawning Trilogy book 3) – Feb 2011
Mystic Happening (The Dawning Trilogy (Book Pack 1-3)) (The Dawning Trilogy Book Pack 1-3) – Oct 2011
Victoria’s Crossing (The Crossings Saga Book 1) Feb 2011
April’s Crossing (The Crossings Saga Book 2) Feb 2011
Praying Down Heaven – Mar 2011
My Alien Love – Mar 2011
Alien Love Too! (Sequel to My Alien Love Book 2) – April 2011
Samantha Lynn & The Mountain men – Sept 2012
Bad Boy Blues – Dec 2012
Sinner & The Saints – Jan 2013

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