Have You Been on KDP Amazon Yet

BookCoverHave you been on KDP Amazon Yet? I have and have started the self-publishing journey with my first book. They have some really great tools for new authors such as eBook cover art studio, how to promote your book tools, and even preview tools so you can see how your eBook will look on various eBook readers including IPads, IPhones and more. They have simple instructions on how to create your book in a Microsoft Word document and then converts your book into their .mobi format to sell online. https://kdp.amazon.com/

For those of us who are willing to learn how to self-publish they seem to have the simplest tools to use. You, alone, have to decide if their terms are worth it to you. All you have to do is create your account with the publishing branch of Amazon. You can use your Amazon account, if you like, and they transfer most of your information over for you. You will have to link a bank account to this account as the royalties you receive from your sales will go directly into your bank account. Of course, you will have to fill our a W-9 form for taxes. You will have to file and pay your own income taxes from these earnings and might want to talk to an accountant about that. And you can read more about it on the IRS website under self-employement And, depending, on what state you live in you might have to file state taxes as well.

I have created an eBook cover for my first book, have most of the book finished and have been editing as I go. I hope to have it completed before the end of the month and submitted to Amazon for publishing. Starting out we are trying every promotional tool that they are offering. We will post more information about this later. We do recommend that you take the time to read through ALL of the help topics before you submit your book for publishing. Amazon states that they will have your eBook on their store within 24 hours after you upload and submit it. I personally start off with the FAQ sections to get a feel for what questions have been asked in the past. If you have any questions about information not covered you can always email them for further information.

You do want to read the entire section on “Merchandising Your Book” to understand what Amazon will do to promote your book and what you need to do. Promotion is strictly your responsibility! You will determine if your book gets any sales by promoting it our your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and any other social media website you belong to. You need to tell your friends, family, co-workers, church members and anybody you come in contact with that you have a book published and available for sale.

You may be asking yourself why we didn’t just self-publish our first book on our own website? Well, to tell you the truth our website is not very well known yet. And we are moving more towards selling our crafts here. But we still have quite a few eBooks to be added for sale. Basically, we are hoping to build up our business on this website as well as getting sales for our own eBook from people visiting our Amazon pages. Once, our eBook is published on Amazon we will be creating an author page that links back to this website.

More next time!

Author: Jolene MacFadden

Single mother, retired from a normal job and traveling around the State of Florida in an old RV, my mother and youngest teenage daughter visiting all the Florida State Parks, taking pictures, writing reviews and created beaded jewelry to sell along the way.