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We are creating a North Florida published authors booklet to be made available for FREE download here on our site and emailed to each of the county public libraries within the area. So far we have a 30 page document that encompasses 19 counties located in the North East Florida area. You can check out the North Florida Writers Page to find out more on the project and see the listing we have so far. Granted the listing on that page does not include current pictures or bios and is alphabetical order but the booklet will have the pictures and biographies and will be separated into counties. For those authors who grew up in one North Florida county and are currently living in another North Florida county I guesss you will be listed twice.


For each of the authors we would like to include

Full name (Preferably their birth name with the Pen Name(s) next to it

Current residence by city (or even just the county would be helpful)

Writing genre(s) – we are including ALL genre’s that have been published in books (either hardback/paperback and/or eBook formats). If you are just a blogger, playwrite, music writer, television writer, newspaper writer or magazine writer we are not including these types authors at this time.

Short biography (such as where you grew up, what started you into writing and perhaps a little bit about your process or what advice you would give unpublished authors)

Current picture (we don’t care what you look like only that it is a current picture of you so that people will be able to recognize you at future events)

“PUBLIC” facebook page either an author page or book series page that you post regularly to (not your personal one only open to friends and family)

Website/blog address (hopefully that has been updated sometime this year)

Any other Public Social Media accounts that you keep updated and communicate with your fans

An email address (preferably one for your writing public to get in touch as well as potential future local author events, or speaking engagements that they would like to be a part of and market your books)

A listing of ALL of your published works in date order. We group the series books together in a separate paragraph.


You can always just copy and paste above information into a text document, type it in, take a selfie on your computer and email both to us at: jolene dot macfadden at jolenesbooksandmore dot com and we will be happy to add you to the list and the booklet!

The authors will be listed alphabetically and in the counties of residence is preferred but if you now live outside of the North Florida area and grew-up here then we would like to include you as well. We don’t think we will want to include those who just attending college here though.

If you are not the internet type but still would like to hear from your fans or perhaps get invited to participate in local author events in the area we could list your home phone and/or mailing address. If you have a P.O. Box so much the better or if you have an agent we could list their information instead. Whichever you feel the most comfortable listing as it will be a public document but remember it is also a great marketing tool for selling your books and getting new readers.

Till Next Time!

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