Finding Time to Write

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Finding time to write may be one of the hardest things new writers may encounter. There are so many things in our lives that may interfere when we try to write from having to go to our regular jobs to family and friends needing our attention. Making time or scheduling regular writing times will help you get your writing done. In the long run, it may even help your creative juices to flow. Of course, telling your friends and family that you will be unavailable during these times may help you keep to the schedule and hopefully, they will even help yours by respecting your time limits. But don’t forget about getting some sleep and eating in there somewhere.

Watching interviews from some of my favorite authors talking about how they write gave me some of the ideas for this article. It seems that most of them try to keep to regular schedules as much as possible. A regular routine of getting up in the morning going into their writing office and begin writing. They break for lunch, some chores, or attend to other family matters and then write for a couple more hours before stopping for the day. This may not work for everyone. You should come up with some kind of regular schedule that works for you. Just writing when you can actually hurt you in the long run and become a bad habit you will want to break once you really start to sell more books.

We want to hear from more writers on how you have created a writing schedule and whether or not you have been able to keep it? And, finally, has it help you become more creative?