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Finding or even starting a writers group in your area could be just the thing you need to push your writing closer to the finally publishing stage. Writing, for the most part, is a solitary pursuit but as humans we often feel the need for a little support every now and then to help us over a hurdle or just to talk to others who share your experiences. These groups are generally composed of newbies who are starting out too. You can learn and grow as writers together and they often have the added advantage of living close to you so that you can call on them for assistance.

We have a fairly comprehensive listing of local writers groups all around the Northeast Florida area and hope to add a few more over the coming months. Please check out our Writers Group Page

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We have selected two of them this week to highlight below:

Columbia County Florida
Meets at the local library in downtown Lake City every second Tuesday at 7:00pm. I hope to attend this meeting this month to get more information. Ruth Conway – Romance Writer – group leader can be reached via phone (386) 466-6376 for more information.

Lafayette County Florida
They call themselves the “Writers Ink” and meet at the local library every single Tuesday at 10:00am. Several of the writers are already published. They don’t have a social media page or website but we hope to encourage them to create one in the future. Delores Leggett Walker – Christian Romance Writer – group leader will publish updates on her public Facebook page

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