NE Fla Published Writers R to Z

Peacock Springs in Suwannee County

Below is a listing of all the Northeast Florida published authors we can find or have been told about with the last names beginning with the letters R through Z. If you are a published northeast Florida author and your name isn’t listed please use our CONTACT US form and let us know we would be happy to add you.

Nan V. Ramey (Non-Fiction)
Jacksonville, Florida
Website: – nothing posted, no pages
Professional Website: – blog about blogging
Advice/Fun Website
Personal Facebook:

ADDC: Adults who don’t discipline children and how to work with them : a teacher support guide – 1995
Pioneer Trails in North Florida – 1995

Valerie M. Richards (YA Fantasy/Adventure)
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Series Facebook:
Personal Facebook for Valerie:

The Primortus Chronicles
Eleventh Elementum (The Primortus Chronicles) (Volume 1) – Dec 2012 (Co-Author – J.L. Bond)
Hollowed Humusara (The Primortus Chronicles Book 2) – Nov 2014 (Co-Author J.L. Bond)

T.S. Robinson (Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writer)
He currently resides in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
He has published three books in a fantasy series available on Amazon as well as on his website. He, also, heads a Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writers of Jacksonville, FL (SFFJAX) that meets once a month.

Battle-Chasers – Sept 1999
Into The Dragon’s Maw – Oct 2001
Mirror of Opposition – Feb 2010

Doris Ross (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy)
Jacksonville, Florida
Personal Facebook:
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Descent Into Darkness Series
Part 1: His Own – May 2014
Part 2: Her Lord – May 2014
Part 3: His Beast – May 2014
Part 4: His Command – May 2014
Part 5: His Revenge – Sept 2014

He Begins (Volume 1) – May 2012 – (Contains Novellas – His Own, Her Lord and His Beast)
His War (Volume 2) – May 2012 – (Contains Novellas – His Command and His Revenge)

Hidden Reaches
Blood & Rain (Volume 1) – Book 1 – July 2014

Shadows of the Mind (A Horror Anthology) (Co-Edited with L J Gastineau and Tricia Sparks)- Originally published 2012 – re-released March 2014

Cassie Dandridge Selleck (Southern Fiction)
She was born and raised in Central Florida but now lives in Mayo, Florida

The Pecan Man – Jan 2012
What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series) (Volume 1) – Sept 2016

Cosette Lewis Sessions – (Historical Non-Fiction)
Local historian and long time resident of Mayo, Florida.
Her Facebook page:

Lord Willin and the River Don’t Rise – May 1998
Lafayette County Settlers and their Descendants Volume 1 – Nov 2015
Lafayette County Settlers and their Descendants Volume 2 – Nov 2015
Lafayette County Settlers and their Descendants Volume 3 – Nov 2015
Lafayette County Settlers and their Descendants Volume 4 – Feb 2017
As We Remember Lafayette County High School 1943 – Dec 2015
When I Was A Boy: Stories told by Loomis Sessions – Dec 2015

William Slaughter (Poetry/Non-Fiction)
Jacksonville, Florida
Work Website:
Editor of Poetry:

The Politics of My Heart– Poems – Jan 1996
Older Men – Electronic Chapbook available online

Laura Lee Smith – (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Lives in Jacksonville, Fl

Natural Writer: A Story About Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Creative Minds Biography) – May 2001
Heart of Palm – April 2013
The Ice House – December 2017

Tricia Sparks (Suspense)
Jacksonville, Florida
website closed down, no Facebook page,
Amazon Profile:
Publishing Website:
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Mantle of the Gods Series
Quest for Truth – Book 1 – 2013
Unmasking Truth – Book 2 – 2013
Truth Revealed – Book 3 – 2013
Night Rising – Book 4 – 2014
Discovering Truth – 2013 – (Anthology containing Voices of the Past, Darkness Stirs, Discoveries, Dream’s End, Serenity Rising, and The Assignment)

Shadows of the Mind (A Horror Anthology) (Co-Edited with L J Gastineau and Doris Ross)- Originally published 2012 – re-released March 2014

Nate Spears (Poetry)
Jacksonville, Florida

Inspiration 2 Smile (Co-Author) Nov 2010
Vox Poetica Inspirations: Images & Words Collection 3: Fall 2011 (Contributor)
Death of a Rose – March 2013

Brenda K. Spencer (Non-Fiction/Children)
Jacksonville, Florida

The Miracle Lamp: An Inspirational Perspective On Life – Feb 2017

I Am A Miracle (Pre-Order) Childrens Book

Dana Ste. Claire
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
No Facebook page, no website

True natives: The prehistory of Volusia County – 1992
A History of Florida through New World Maps: Borders of Paradise – April 1997
Cracker: Cracker Culture in Florida History – June 2006 – Originally published in 1998

Denise Ann Stock (Romance)
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Blow Out Summer – 2014

Ruth Temple-Taul (Fiction)
Lake City, Florida
No website, she has personal Facebook page but hasn’t posted since 2011

Sandy Creek Junction: The Trilogy Set in Colorado – Re-Released as Trilogy June 2017 – First 2 books originally published 2009
Blond, Black, And Blue – Aug 2012
Three sheets in the wind – June 2017

Bruce Thomason (Thriller/Suspense/Comic)
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Facebook Page:
Twitter Acct:

Santa’s Super Rescue: How Beezle T. Claus Tried to Steal Christmas – (Co-Author) Dec 2007

Detective Clay Randall Series
Body Toll (Detective Clay Randall Series Book 1) (No. 1) – Oct 2008
The Six O’Clock Rule (No. 2) – Sept 2010
Perception of Power (No. 3) – Sept 2015
The Domino Event (No. 4) – Nov 2017

Nadine Vaughan Williams(Historical/Children’s Writer)
She currently resides in Amelia Island, Florida. She publishes her books and sells her books only through her own company called FireCat! Press.

Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time – Feb 2009
FireCat!: The Legend of Amazon Sage – Dec 2013
Mommy Tell Me: A Story of Love and Learning – Apr 2014
Tiny Treasures: Tales of Courage and Hope for Children Everywhere! – May 2014

The Adventures of Engine Dave Series
Can only order these books online directly from the author on the Firecat website
Train Town Amelia
The Reluctant Tenant
Big Bold Move
Girls, Girls, Girls
The Tribe of Many Colors
Trains on a Snake

Delores Leggett Walker (General Fiction)
Long time resident and historian in Mayo, Florida.
Her Facebook Page:

Legend of Promise – Aug 2013
Gathering Promises – Aug 2014
Promises Kept – Aug 2015
Sailor – Aug 2016

Mitty Walters (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Suspense Writer)
He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

He has only one book published so far called “Breaking Gravity” – June 2014 – available on Amazon.

Linda Whiddon (Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writer)
She currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida.

The Moem Chronicles

Moem: The Beginning – Book I – July 2006
Moem the Mystical Prophesies (the Moem Chronicles Book 2) – Book II – Aug 2012
The Long Kill (The Moem Chronicles Book 3) – Book III – Oct 2012
The Long Kill Part Two: Book Four of The Moem Chronicles – Book IV – July 2014

Jonnie Kidd Whittington – (Historical Fiction/Childrens Fiction)
She was born in Tampa and now lives in Mayo, Florida. Jonnie teaches piano at Lighthouse Christian Center and Academy where her youngest son John is pastor. She writes and teaches Bible studies for local churches, is a song-writer and comedienne-entertainer for women’s luncheons and meetings.

Kidd and Spitfire Doll January 2012
Kidd’s Daughter: Another Spitfire (Kidd Family Series) (Volume 2) (Kidd Family Series Book 2) July 2013
Kidds Daughter Becomes a Woman (Kidd Family Series Book 3) October 2014
2: Coloring Book Two: Katy Kidd’s Old Fashioned Games and Toys April 2016
Coloring Book 3 (Katy Kidd’s Family Adventures) January 2017
Life in the Good Old Days: Coloring Book (Katy Kidd’s Family Adventures) (Volume 1) July 2016
Old Fashioned Games and Toys (Katy Kidd’s Family Adventures) July 2016
The Long Scary Keyboard (Katy Kidd’s Family Adventures) (Volume 3) January 2017

H. Morris Williams (Non-Fiction)
Lake City, Florida
Personal Facebookpage: (no posts since 2012)

Some Stuff I Wrote: A Collection of Newspaper Columns, 1992-1994 – 2001
Old Florida Memories:A Photo Retrospective of Greater Columbia County, Florida. – 2007
Lake City, Florida: A Sesquicentennial Tribute (Co-author with Kevin McCarthy) – 2009
Some Stuff I Wrote and Some Stuff I Didn’t – 2018
(His books may be available in the Columbia County Florida Library or the Florida Gateway College Library except the latest one can be purchased from Hunter Printing in Lake City, Florida)

Terrence “Terry” L. Williams (Suspense/Mystery)
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Logan Alexander Series
Cooper’s Revenge – Dec 2013
Unit 400 The Assassins – Jan 2014
Zero Day: China’s Cyber Wars (Logan Alexander) – Jan 2017

Shantina Wilson (Contemporary Romance)
Grew up in White Springs now Lives in Lake City, Florida
No Author Website
Facebook Page:
Personal Facebook Page:

Think Before You React – July 2012

A Hard Pill to Swallow Part 1 – Jan 2017
A Hard Pill to Swallow Part 2 – Aug 2017

Wanted: Never Mix Business with Pleasure – April 2013
Spoiled – May 2015
Deion Washington – April 2016

Amos Darryl Wimberley – (Mysteries/Suspense)
He graduated from Lafayette County High School, Mayo, Florida and currently resides in Austin, Texas.
His website:

Tinker’s Damn – Nov 2000
The King of Colored Town – Aug 2011
Kaleidoscope – Aug 2011
A Seeping Wound – June 2016
Paul Bunyan – May 2017

A Rock and a Hard Place – Detective Barrett Raines Mystery – July 1999
Dead Man’s Bay – Detective Barrett Raines Mystery – July 2000
Strawman’s Hammock – Detective Barrett Raines Mystery – Nov 2001
Pepperfish Keys – Detective Barrett Raines Mystery – July 2007
Devil’s Slew – Detective Barrett Raines Mystery – Mar 2011

Carrol Wolverton (NonFiction/Self-Help/Historical Fiction)
She resides in Orange Park, Florida with her husband and an ornery cat

Back Bay Boston Basement – June 2004
Living Cheap & Loving It, Tomatoes in the Flower Bed – Sept 2008
Raylaina, the story of a teen with an abusive boyfriend – Feb 2011
Method Weight Management 2: How Not to be a Fat Cat – May 2013
Freud in St. Augustine: A Novel of Homelessness and Wealth in the Nation’s Oldest City – July 2014
Living Cheap & Loving It for Seniors: What’s That Green Stuff in the Spaghetti? – Sept 2015
Real Estate, Sex, & the World Beyond – Sept 2016

Tracy Woodard (Non-Fiction)
White Springs, Florida
Manager of the Hamilton County Public Library

The Documented History of White Springs – Nov 2011

Book only available at the Florida’s Nature and Heritage Tourism Center in White Springs, Florida and at the local library.

Towanda J. Young (Romance)
Jacksonville, Florida (Hasn’t posted since 2011)

A Romance in the Cotton Field– March 2011