NE Fla Published Writers G to K

Flagler Sea to River Park

Below is a listing of all the Northeast Florida published authors we can find or have been told about with the last names beginning with the letters G through K. If you are a published northeast Florida author and your name isn’t listed please use our CONTACT US form and let us know we would be happy to add you.

Lisa Gastineau (YA/Fantasy/Horror)
St. Augustine, Florida
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The Crystal Garden Saga
Frozen Reflection – May 2012
Quaking Tower – Book 2 – Nov 2012
Gusty Proposals – Book 3 – Oct 2013
Drowned Voice – Book 4

Shadows of the Mind (A Horror Anthology) (Co-Edited with Doris Ross and Tricia Sparks)- Originally published 2012 – re-released March 2014

Tim Gilmore (Historical Non-Fiction/Poetry)
He was born and raised and still resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Flights of Crows: Poems, 2002-2006 – June 2006
Horoscopes for Goblins: Poems, 2006-2009 – Aug 2012
Ghost Compost: Strange Little Stories – Jan 2013
This Kind of City: Ghost Stories and Psychological Landscapes – April 2013
Doors in the Light and the Water: The Life and Collected Works of Empty Boat – July 2013
Stalking Ottis Toole: A Southern Gothic – July 2013
The Ocean Highway at Night – April 2014
In Search of Eartha White, Storehouse for the People – Sept 2014
The Mad Atlas of Virginia King – Sept 2015
Devil in the Baptist Church: Bob Gray’s Unholy Trinity – July 2016

Cindi Goodeaux (A.K.A. Cindi Handley) (Poetry/Children’s Fiction)
Jacksonville, Florida

Swimming in my Soul: A Collection of Poetry – Nov 2014
The Adventures of Princess Jellibean – Nov 2016

Teri Youmans Grimm (Poetry)
She currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Untidy Season: An Anthology of Nebraska Women Poets“(Sept 2013) as a contributor, “Homegrown in Florida” (2012) as a contributor, “Dirt Eaters (Contemporary Poetry Series)” – Jan 2014 and “Becoming Lyla Dore” – April 2016 – available on Amazon.

Jill Handler Grens (Children’s Books)
Lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

The Bird Dog And The Bird – Sept 2016
Grump the Ump – (Only available for purchase from the authors website)

Jane Hartenstein – (Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction)
She lives outside of St. Augustine, Florida.

Voices – 2011
A Witch’s Voice – 2014

Karen G Harvey (Non-Fiction)
St Augustine, Florida

Alexandria. A Pictorial History – 1977 (Co-Author with Ross Stansfield Harvey)
St. Augustine and St. Johns County: A Pictorial History– May 1980
America’s First City: St. Augustine’s Historic Neighborhoods – Jan 1997
Oldest Ghosts: St. Augustine Haunts – Jan 2001
Daring Daughters: St. Augustine’s Feisty Females, 1565-2000 – Jul 2002
Five Women, Five Stories St. Augustine Women – unsure when published only available on her website (stories taken from Daring Daughters)
Florida’s First Presbyterians – unsure when published only available on her website
Legends and Tales:: Anecdotal Histories of St. Augustine, Florida (American Chronicles) – Jan 2005 – Volume I and II

William “Bill” Hatfield (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/LGBTQ-Mystery)
Gainesville, Florida
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Key Notes – 2012

Captive Audience (Fists of Earth – Book 1) 2011 originally published 2004
Duel Roles (Fists of Earth – Book 2) 2010
Tough Crowd (Fists of Earth – Book 3) 2015

Menu for Murder (TNT Book 1) – 2012
Blown Choices (TNT Book 2) – 2016
Bare Soles (TNT Book 3) – 2017

Karen Hudgins (Romance/Mystery/Suspense/History)
Jacksonville, Florida
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Best Man – Jan 2011
One Night With Zorro – 2002
Next Year’s Promise – April 2004
Tonight With Tarzan – April 2008
When Hearts Speak – July 2013
Secrets of the Heart – Nov 2017
Midnight With Maverick – Dec 2017

Rodney L. Hurst, Sr (Non-Fiction)
Jacksonville, Florida
Website/Blog: (Last post March 22, 2017)
Old Blog: post 7 years ago
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It Was Never About a Hotdog and a CokeA Personal Account of the 1960 sit-in Demonstrations in Jacksonville Florida and AX Handle Saturday – Jan 2008
Unless WE Tell It . . . It Never Gets Told!! – Dec 2015

Sumeka Y. Jackson (Self-Help)
Jacksonville, Florida
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Shallow Waters Healing Deep Wounds – Sept 2016

William A. “Bill” Keefe (Science Fiction)
St. Augustine, Florida
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PV-11: ET SEQUITUR Oct 2013 and available on Smashwords
The Infidels’ Revenge Dec 2015 and available on Smashwords

Pierce Kelley (Several Fiction Genres/Non-Fiction/ScreenPlays)
Lives in Ft White, Fl

A Parent’s Guide to Coaching Tennis Apr 1995
Civil Litigation: A Case Study Jan 2001
Introducing Children to the Game of Tennis May 2002
Fistfight at the L and M Saloon: A Novel Mar 2006
A Very Fine Line Aug 2006
A Plenary Indulgence Dec 2006
Pieces to the Puzzle: A Collection of Short Stories Feb 2007
BOCAS del TORO: A Novel Jun 2007
A Tinker’s Damn! Mar 2008
Asleep at the Wheel Dec 2008
A Foreseeable Risk Apr 2009
Kennedy Homes: An American Tragedy May 2009
Thousand Yard Stare May 2010
Father, I Must Go Jan 2011
Roxy Blues: A Novel Jan 2012
A Deadly Legacy Dec 2012
To Valhalla Apr 2015
Massacre at Sirte Jul 2016
Hunted May 2017

Vickie King (Western Romance/Historical Romance)
Jacksonville, Florida

The Braddocks
Carly’s Rule Book 1 – Sept 2013
Dusty’s Fate (The Braddocks) – Book 2 – May 2014
Landon’s Crossing – Book 3 (not published yet)
Trevor’s Hope – Book 4 (not published yet)

Blackwood Brothers
Ethan’s Heart – Dec 2016
Escorting Darby Bloom – (not published yet)

Mary Sue Koeppel (Short Stories/Poetry/Non-Fiction)
Gainesville, Florida
Editor Writing Website:

Writing: Resources for Conferencing and Collaboration/Instructor’s Edition – Jan 1989
Write Your Life: The Memory Catcher 2000 (no longer available)
In the Library of Silences, Poems of Loss – 2001
Writing Strategies Plus Collaboration– 4th Edition 2005
Between the Bones – March 2005