Calling NE Fla Writers

We are gathering a list of all the Northeast Florida Writers to be ready before the new school year begins. We are including Duval, Clay, Nassau, St. Johns, and Baker counties at this time. We hope to include the following information in a booklet: – DOWNLOAD OUR FLYER

Our Local Writers We Have Featured:

Juliene Berk – New York (Born and Raised in Jacksonville, Florida and wrote two Historical Accounts of Duval County)

L.L. Eadie – Writer of Young Adult Fiction Living in Lake City

Marti Forchion – Non Fiction Writer living on Jacksonville, Florida’s Southside

Jane Hartenstein – Historical Fiction Writer living outside of St. Augustine, Florida

Betsy S. Lee – Children’s Writer and now Mystery Writer with Spouse K. Ross Lee they live in Elkton, Florida

Harry Mann – Fiction Writer living in St. Augustine, Florida

T.S. Robinson – SciFi/Fantasy Writer living in Jacksonville Beach

Linda Whiddon – Sci-Fi Writer living in St. Augustine, Florida


The Author’s Name: – Name the writer publishes under

Area they Reside: – Not the actual address just the side of town for Jacksonville (this is helpful for when we highlight authors in a particular part of town) or the city in the Northeast Florida area. .

A List of their Published Books: – If you haven’t published yet we can help you with that here if you want to sell your stories in eBook format

Website Address: – If you don’t have a website yet we can help with that for a small fee check out:

Type of Stories You Write: – Mysteries, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, True Crime, or even Non-Fiction Works as Well.

We would also like a brief bio from each of the authors for a series of articles we will be publishing over the next few months. There will be only a few questions to answer and a picture would be great. In the article we would include the author’s name, where they are from, area where they live, their book and/or eBook titles, their website address, their preferred genre, and the answers to the following questions:

Who or What Got You Started in Writing?

What Do You Like Most About Writing?

What Inspires You As You Are Writing?

What Do You Dislike Most About Writing?

Which Books Do You Read Most? (Top Five Authors and/or Series)

What Do You Do To Relax? (What are your hobbies)

Do You Do A Lot Of Research For Your Stories? And if so, what sources do you find the most valuable?

If published, what are you working on now?

If not published yet, which story are you going to be trying to get published first?

What is the one piece of advice you would give to upcoming writers?

With these questions answered we can post at least a 1000 word article for every writer who wishes to participate. It will be a great way to get the word out about your writing and it will not cost you a thing.

Once completed we will be creating a booklet to be given out to all the local libraries, public schools and bookstores in the area. And it will be available here for downloading.

We hope you will take a few minutes to copy and paste the questions into a text or Word Document, fill in the answers, send us your favorite picture, and send it to us for posting using the Contact Us Page. You can upload a text file, Microsoft Word file, Acrobat Reader file, and even pictures in jpeg, jpg, bmp or gif format.


JoleneDec2012Hello, my name is Jolene MacFadden, and I design websites, write articles and promote local events, local businesses and writers. I am a small business person who has struggled for the last 5 years to get my websites and products noticed. I now have over 50 websites that I have created myself, keep updated, and I blog, tweet and interface on Facebook. My tastes in subject matter is eclectic but it works for me and now I have over 41,000 subscribers to my various websites.

My first website was a fan site I created for my favorite author, Dorothy Gilman. The website has changed a lot over the last 10 years but it finally reached over 106, 000 hits and counting as of this month. (We didn’t start counting until 4 years ago.) Sadly, Ms. Gilman published her last book in 2000 and passed away last year. But she is remembered and still loved. I will keep her website up and running for as long as she has fans. To that end I created three other fan sites for female writers who didn’t have their own. They each have over 1300 subscribers and visitors in the 100s each month. That is not too shabby considering that two have passed away and another hasn’t published anything in over 10 years. But I think all writers deserved to be remembered, people still read their books, still want more stories from them and we are in the process of asking their fans to send us their fan-stories. You can check them out for yourself:;;;

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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