Sister Jane Mystery Series

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Sister Jane is one of the mysteries series written by the very prolific writer, Rita Mae Brown. Ms. Brown has a rich and colorful past including spending most of her childhood in Florida and attending the University of Florida during the 60s. You can read a brief biography of her on Wiki. Her cozy mysteries […]

New Books Coming From Jolene

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Jolene, the Blog Writer (that’s me) is working on 2 new projects over the next couple of months. One is an updated version of her 2014 book about volunteering in Florida Parks. This one will be entitled Workamping in Florida 2018. I have created a “Members Only” website to go along with the new book […]

Self Promotion Required

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Self-promotion is the biggest and sometimes the hardest requirement of all writers. Even those with agents and publishers there is always some self-promotion that has to go on in order to get new readers, keep your old readers and help make your writings more sellable in the future. Yes, even big-named writers have to attend […]

Local Author Expos Great For Marketing

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Finding and participating in Local Author Expos in your area is a great inexpensive way to promote yourself and your books that you have published. Of course, when you are going somewhere in person and promoting your books you are going to need to bring some copies to sell (at least a dozen or so) […]

New Year Writing Goals

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It’s a new year and it is the time we sharpen our writing tools, learn about new ways of writing, create a writing calendar or just resolve to finish research our writing topic and get to the business of actually writing about something. The toughest thing for a writer to do sometimes is the actual […]